Top 10 Best-Selling Buildings in Brooklyn Mid-Year 2016

So maybe Manhattan does dominate every single top ten best-selling list covering the 5 boroughs, but exciting new developments and older, yet successful residential projects are everywhere in New York. In particular, Brooklyn, the second real estate market of the city, has a lot to show for itself, in terms of both realty investment and the steady climb of home prices.

A particularly interesting thing to note about this 2016 mid-year list of best-selling buildings in Brooklyn is the diversity in types of buildings that have managed to close a substantial number of deals. The healthy mix of condos and coops, new developments and seasoned housing communities, towers and row-house-style constructions, shows off the best Brooklyn feature: there’s a place and a style here for every buyer and investor.

#1. The Condos at Navy Green

Units sold: 40

Developer: Dunn Development & L+M Development Partners

Marketing: Halstead

#2. Forty2East

Units sold: 36

Developer: Bondee Properties

Marketing: Aptsandlofts

#3. 3041 Ocean

Units sold: 31

Developer: Rybak Development

Marketing: ILITE Realty & The Spire Group

#4. Trump Village Section 4

Units sold: 24

Developer: Trump Village Section 4, Inc.

#5. 37 South 10th Street

Units sold: 18

Developer: Davbel Property


#6. Lefferts Place Mews

Units sold: 17

Developer: Avo Construction

Marketing: Corcoran

#7. 1756 Ocean Avenue

Units sold: 16

Developer: Jacobs Developement

Marketing: Starealty Estate

#8. The Brightwater Towers

Units sold: 14

Developer: Brightwater Towers Inc.

#9. 70 Washington Street

Units sold: 13

Developer: Two Trees

Marketing: Tudor Realty Services

#10. 37-39 Madison Street

Units sold: 12

Developer: QED Mechanical & Construction

Marketing: Corcoran


Units sold: 12

Developer: SDS Procida Development Group

Marketing: Corcoran

29 South 10th Street

Units sold: 12

Developer: Davbel Property

1737 East 21st Street

Units sold: 12

Developer: Solex Construction

Marketing: Maximilion Realty

43 South 10th Street

Units sold: 12

Developer: Davbel Property

Clinton Hill Coops

Units sold: 12

Developer: Time Equities 


Data includes only residential properties sold between  January 1, 2016 and June 30, 2016. The building classes counted are condo & coop units. Package deals were not included.

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