Forget What Forbes Said, Here Are the Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the U.S. in 2016

Quick facts:

  • Sagaponack’s 11962 (in the Hamptons) and Atherton’s 94027 retain their top positions as the most expensive ZIPs in the country, despite seeing a considerable drop in median sale prices
  • 10013 — home to posh NYC neighborhoods like SoHo and Tribeca — enters the top 3 with a median home sale price of $3.8 million
  • the iconic 90210 in Beverly Hills lost its top 3 position and was pushed down to #7
  • CA and NY dominate the list, with some ZIPs from FL,  MA, NJ, MD, and CT also making their way towards the top of the list
  • differences between asking and selling prices show striking contrast with the list recently released by Forbes
  • Forbes’ most expensive ZIP code — 33462 Manalapan, FL — is not even close to the top 10; in fact, it’s at the other end of the spectrum, landing a #4,254 spot on our list

Striking Differences When Ranking the Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the Country

After carefully tracking the priciest U.S. ZIP codes for the past years, it has become somewhat second nature to us. So when Forbes released their list of most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S., something felt off. We dug deep in our data, pulled out selling prices for homes throughout the country, then ranked each ZIP code based on them.

The main differences between the two rankings is that we took into account strictly sales data, whereas the Forbes findings were based on asking prices for homes on the market for the 90 days ending Nov.18 — which shifted the balance in favor of ZIP codes with very expensive active listings.

Even more, when looking closer at the 33462 ZIP code which led Forbes’ ranking, their numbers seem to be based only on a select area, one which did not span the entire 33462 ZIP code but only an extremely expensive section, Manalapan.

When taking a more realistic approach and looking at how much properties in all of 33462 actually sold for in 2016, this Florida ZIP commanded a median selling price of merely $170,000 — pushing it down from #1 to #4,254! Similarly, the 33139 Miami Beach ZIP code that ranks on the 11th spot on Forbes’ list landed only on #2,072, with a median sale price $313,000.

Most Expensive ZIP Codes in the U.S. are Almost Exclusively in CA and NY

There’s no easy way to put this: California isn’t getting any cheaper! Out of the 100 priciest ZIP codes, an impressive total of 72 are located in CA. NY trails behind, with a total of 21 ZIP codes, half of which are located in New York City. Meaning that 93 of the priciest U.S. zip codes are located in the two sates with the lowest homeownership rates in the U.S.

To see the rare few outside New York and the Golden State — with entries from Florida, Massachusetts, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland, Nevada, Connecticut, and Hawaii — scroll down for a full breakdown of the 100 priciest ZIP codes, alongside the city they’re in and their median selling price in 2016.

And the 10 Priciest ZIP Codes in the Country Are…

#10. 94028, Portola Valley
The ZIP code that covers the entire Portola Valley town — which has already made a name for itself as one of the wealthiest towns in California — is so appealing to affluent buyers that it has commanded a median selling price of $2,815,000.

#9. 94022, Los Altos
Making its way to the top 10 (after landing on the 12th spot on our list last year), this Los Altos ZIP code can brag about median selling prices of $2,831,250.

#8. 94301, Palo Alto
This location — on top of being a stone’s throw from major employers, with the Googleplex itself being in the nearby Mountain View — has the added benefit of neighboring Stanford University. Despite that, the Palo Alto ZIP saw a $215,000 drop in selling prices, with the median for the area now sitting at $2,935,000.

#7. 90210, Beverly Hills
Registering an 11% drop in home prices, the iconic Beverly Hills ZIP code traded its Top 3 spot from last year for an honorable 7th spot on our list.

#6. 10007, New York City
Part TriBeCa, part Financial District, and surrounding the World Trade Center, 10007 saw a spectacular growth in 2016 in terms of selling prices: while the year before, homes in the area commanded a median price of $2,800,000, 2016 median selling prices jumped way past the $3 million mark, at $3,349,657.

#5. 90402, Santa Monica
The ritzy neighborhood north of Montana Avenue consolidates its position as a top attraction for affluent (and international) buyers, with a median price of $3,395,000.

#4. 33109, Miami Beach
A popular retirement destination for investors and affluent retirees, 33109 stands out as Florida’s most expensive ZIP code, with a median selling price of $3.4 million.

#3. 10013, New York City
Few areas can compete with the appeal of this ZIP code, which includes parts of TriBeCa, SoHo and Hudson Square and features some of the most exclusive condos and co-ops in the city. It then comes as no surprise that properties in the area sold for 12% more in 2016 compared to the previous year, with the median price now up to $3,808,765 — bumping it up one position and securing a top 3 spot among the most expensive ZIP codes in the country.

#2. 94027, Atherton
Despite being home to less than 8,000 residents, Atherton can pride itself on having some of the most expensive real estate in the country  — and some of the highest property taxes too. Nevertheless, its 2016 median price of $5,425,000 is down 8% from 2015.

#1. 11962, Sagaponack
With its sprawling mansions — that sell for about $5.5 million — this Hampton’s ZIP code is the undisputed leader when it comes to hefty prices and exclusive living. But despite managing to maintain its top spot on the list of most expensive ZIP codes, Sagaponack saw a 35% decrease in median sale prices — which translates into a full $3 million price drop.

Most Expensive Zip Codes in the US by Median Sale Price

#ZIP CodeCityStateMedian Sale Price
310013New York CityNY$3,808,765
433109Miami BeachFL$3,400,000
590402Santa MonicaCA$3,395,000
610007New York CityNY$3,349,657
790210Beverly HillsCA$3,128,250
894301Palo AltoCA$2,935,000
994022Los AltosCA$2,831,250
1094028Portola ValleyCA$2,815,000
1210282New York CityNY$2,784,500
1492662Newport BeachCA$2,687,500
1594024Los AltosCA$2,637,500
1611976Water MillNY$2,600,000
1892661Newport BeachCA$2,465,000
1993108Santa BarbaraCA$2,450,000
2192657Newport CoastCA$2,260,000
2394306Palo AltoCA$2,227,500
2494123San FranciscoCA$2,210,000
2595030Los GatosCA$2,180,000
2692067Rancho Santa FeCA$2,178,500
2790272Pacific PalisadesCA$2,175,000
2992625Corona Del MarCA$2,150,000
3091108San MarinoCA$2,128,500
3290266Manhattan BeachCA$2,000,000
3394970Stinson BeachCA$1,950,000
3411568Old WestburyNY$1,930,000
3611965Shelter Island HeightsNY$1,900,000
3794118San FranciscoCA$1,860,000
3894025Menlo ParkCA$1,850,000
4011765Mill NeckNY$1,800,000
4110012New York CityNY$1,800,000
4390077Los AngelesCA$1,777,000
4592651Laguna BeachCA$1,753,500
4690212Beverly HillsCA$1,750,000
4710018New York CityNY$1,749,116
4810011New York CityNY$1,725,000
4990049Los AngelesCA$1,717,500
5110069New York CityNY$1,675,000
5221056Gibson IslandMD$1,650,000
5492660Newport BeachCA$1,600,000
5994062Redwood CityCA$1,560,000
6091011La Canada FlintridgeCA$1,559,000
6110010New York CityNY$1,550,000
6294041Mountain ViewCA$1,535,000
6394114San FranciscoCA$1,525,000
6490211Beverly HillsCA$1,525,000
6593953Pebble BeachCA$1,525,000
6710065New York CityNY$1,514,138
6893921Carmel By The SeaCA$1,510,804
7094402San MateoCA$1,502,000
7290048Los AngelesCA$1,500,000
7394040Mountain ViewCA$1,500,000
7490274Palos Verdes PeninsulaCA$1,497,000
7594070San CarlosCA$1,491,000
7706870Old GreenwichCT$1,470,000
8190405Santa MonicaCA$1,441,000
8294108San FranciscoCA$1,437,500
8594127San FranciscoCA$1,420,000
8690254Hermosa BeachCA$1,412,000
8807078Short HillsNJ$1,410,000
8990036Los AngelesCA$1,405,500
9095032Los GatosCA$1,400,000
91941172San FranciscoCA$1,400,000
9294131San FranciscoCA$1,397,500
9392663Newport BeachCA$1,379,000
9493920Big SurCA$1,375,000
9892014Del MarCA$1,350,000
9995129San JoseCA$1,350,000

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In order to determine which were the most expensive ZIP codes in the U.S., we looked at all residential transactions closed in 2016, taking into account condo, co-ops, single- and two-family homes. All package deals were excluded.

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