What Are School Attendance Zones?

A school attendance zone is an outline of where students will attend public school. They can be determined in a variety of ways, depending on the state or city to which they apply, but generally speaking they will cover elementary school, middle school or junior high, and senior high school.

About attendance zones

School attendance zones, also known as attendance boundaries or school catchment areas, are defined by school district administrators. Boundaries are drawn to offer the best district-wide coverage of education services. As such, attendance zones can change over time to keep up with changes in a district’s school age population.

School district boundaries can overlap with attendance zones when there is only one school in the entire district or when parents can enroll children in any school within the district.

One school can appear in several different attendance zones. If a school provides both middle and high school grades, it can have one attendance zones for middle grades and a different attendance zone for high school grades.

Magnet, charter or alternative schools usually don’t have attendance zones.

New York City School Districts on PropertyShark

School attendance zones are important factors for many property buyers

School attendance zones are named by many buyers as a top priority when choosing a home. Whether they already have children and want to ensure they can stay within the same attendance zone, or they are planning to become parents and want to ensure they buy a home near quality schools, they are often a determining factor.

However, school attendance zones should be an important factor in the calculus of any homebuyer since they can have significant impact on property value; better schools tend to add property value and worse – or at least less popular – schools tend to do the opposite.

PropertyShark makes it easy to find school attendance zones

Considering how important school attendance zones are for buyers, PropertyShark has worked diligently to ensure that those looking for homes can easily see which school attendance zone a property falls within. We have also made it easy to search for homes for sale within a particular school attendance zone.

How to find school zones in New York City on map searches

PropertyShark’s School Maps of New York make it easy to search for schools within a particular zone. Options include searching within school zones for elementary, middle, and high school, as well as searching within zoned after-school programs.

To find out how far a particular area is from the nearest schools, we have created proximity maps for elementary, junior high, and high school. These maps use different colors to designate proximities of 1,000 feet, 0.5 miles, and 1 mile.

How to find school zones for a particular property in New York City

Once you’ve accessed our full report on a particular address, click on the Neighborhood tab and scroll down to Distance to Schools section. Here you will find information on what schools the property is zoned for, as well as information on the nearest non-attendance zone public and private schools. There is information on each of the schools listed, including the school code, current principal, and phone number.

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