Top 50 Most Expensive Desert States Zip Codes in 2019

Key Takeaways:

  • At $1.76 million, Glenbrook, NV, is the most expensive desert states zip code.
  • Only 3 Nevada and Arizona zip codes feature medians greater than $1 million.
  • Paradise Valley remains home to Arizona’s priciest zip code, up 40% in two years.
  • With 7 each, Phoenix and Scottsdale tie for the highest number of expensive zips per location.
  • Arizona’s most expensive zips are located almost exclusively in Maricopa County.

After releasing our traditional year-end report of the 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S., we were curious to see what the priciest desert states zip codes were in 2019. After all, Arizona made its way into top 100 for the first time ever with Paradise Valley’s 85253, while Nevada was represented by two zips for the first time: 89413 and 89402 in the Lake Tahoe enclaves of Glenbrook and Crystal Bay, respectively.

To determine the 50 most expensive desert states zip codes in 2019, we analyzed residential sales that occurred between January 1, 2019, and November 5, 2019, calculating the median sale price for each zip code. Due to two ties, our ranking actually includes 52 zips – 25 from Nevada and 27 from Arizona. For the purposes of this study, we defined the desert states as Nevada and Arizona.

Additionally, calculating medians based on sale prices rather than asking prices more accurately reflects the reality on the ground, as the final sale price can easily be higher than the initial asking figure in competitive markets that spur bidding wars. It also circumvents properties that linger on the market for extended periods of time from skewing the figures.

Paradise Valley Zip Priciest in Arizona, Lake Tahoe Zips Leads Nevada

Of the 50 most expensive desert states zips, three stand out in particular: Glenbrook’s 89413, Crystal Bay’s 89402 and Paradise Valley’s 85253. All three zip codes rank among the 100 most expensive nationally, and are the only three zip codes in Nevada and Arizona to feature medians above the $1 million mark.

The #1 most expensive desert states zip code and the #1 most expensive Nevada zip code, Glenbrook’s 89413 is no stranger to exclusive rankings. A perennial presence in our top 100 since at least 2016, the Lake Tahoe CDP ranked as the 55th most expensive zip code nationally in 2019 with a median sale price of $1,760,000.

The Douglas County zip code returned to its usual middling position this year, dropping from 2018’s #37 – an all-time high it achieved with a $2,105,000 median last year. However, a 16% year-over-year contraction in its median put the figure below 2017 levels.

The #2 most expensive desert states zip code and the #2 most expensive Nevada zip code, Crystal Bay’s 89402 was a newcomer to PropertyShark’s top 100. The tiny Washoe County CDP landed at #64 nationally with a $1,685,000 median – despite being home to just 300 residents.

Across the state line, the #3 most expensive desert states zip code and the #1 most expensive Arizona zip code, Paradise Valley’s 85253 was also a national top 100 newcomer, sneaking in at #93. However, this affluent Maricopa County town marked the first time that an Arizona zip code ranked among PropertyShark’s top 100 most expensive zip codes. The affluent community – known for high-end real estate and celebrity residents, including rock legends like Alice Cooper and Judas Priest frontman, Rob Halford – featured a 2019 median sale price of $1,461,000.

Scottsdale and Phoenix Claim 14 of Arizona’s Most Expensive Zip Codes

When it came to pricey zip codes in 2019, Arizona’s ranking was, as expected, dominated by Maricopa County, which claimed 25 of the state’s 27 most expensive zips. The only two zip codes outside of Maricopa to rank among the state’s priciest were from Pima County, courtesy of Tucson.

Overall, Arizona’s top seven most expensive zip codes and their rankings remained unchanged compared to 2017. Prices, on the other hand, expanded in all seven. Specifically, Scottsdale’s 85262 – Arizona’s second-priciest zip – was up 19% compared to two years ago, while Paradise Valley’s median gained a whopping 40%.

Meanwhile, 85749 – which also covers portions of Tanque Verde and Catalina Foothills – came in as the 29th priciest desert states zip code, as well as the 12th most expensive in Arizona, with a median sale price of $410,000. Also covering parts of Catalina Foothills, 85718 claimed the 32nd spot when considering both Nevada and Arizona, and the 14th spot in Arizona with its median sale price of $395,000.

However, the champions in Arizona were the cities of Phoenix and Scottsdale, claiming 7 of the state’s priciest zip codes each and more than any Nevada location. In particular, 85262 – Scottsdale’s most expensive zip code and the 2nd priciest in Arizona – featured a median sale price of $815,000. As a result, it tied with 89411 in Genoa, NV, as the 5th most expensive desert states zip code. In fact, six out of the seven zips that Scottsdale contributed to the list ranked among Arizona’s 10 most expensive zip codes.

As for Phoenix, its most expensive zip code was 85018 with a median sale price of $531,000. This East Phoenix zip was the city’s only one to rank among Arizona’s 10 most expensive, claiming #7. Moreover, when considering zips from both Nevada and Arizona, 85018 was the 14th priciest; no other Phoenix zip code managed to surpass the $400,000 mark.

Tempe’s sole zip code, 85284, was also under this threshold, coming in as the 18th priciest in the state with a median of $389,000.

Clark and Washoe Counties Home to 18 of Nevada’s Top 25 Zips

On the other hand, Nevada’s ranking presented a more balanced picture, with Washoe, Clark and Douglas counties, as well as Carson City, represented among its 25 most expensive zip codes. Namely, Washoe and Clark counties tied with nine zips each; at the city level, Reno and Las Vegas both contributed five zips each. However, when considering both Nevada and Arizona, Nevada was the leader of pricey zip codes, claiming seven of the 10 top spots.

Unlike Arizona, Nevada’s priciest zip codes ranking in 2019 presented a different picture than it did two years ago. The exception, of course, was Glenbrook’s 89413, which remained unchallenged as Nevada’s #1 most expensive zip and the priciest desert states zip. At $1,760,000, the tiny CDP’s median sale price was 12% higher than it was in 2017.

Nevada’s 2nd most expensive zip code was Crystal Bay’s 89402, another Lake Tahoe enclave, joined by Zephyr Cove’s 89448, yet another Lake Tahoe community, at #5. With a median sale price of $810,000, Zephyr Cove was down three spots compared to 2017, despite a 12% gain in its median. However, it was outpaced by Las Vegas’ 89158. The 7th most expensive Nevada zip in 2017 with a $432,000 median, the CityCenter zip of 89158 saw its median surge a jaw-dropping 113% to $919,000 to rank as the 3rd most expensive zip code in Nevada in 2019.

Just like Crystal Bay, Genoa’s 89411 was also absent from our 2017 rankings. But, with a median sale price of $815,000, it ranked as the 4th most expensive Nevada zip code in 2019. Furthermore, 89411 also tied with Scottsdale’s 85262 as the 5th priciest desert states zip code.

Meanwhile, Reno’s most expensive zip was 89511 with a median of $676,000, claiming #7 in Nevada and down two spots compared to 2017. It was followed by 89519 with a $606,000 median, down four spots compared to 2017. In fact, both Reno zips dropped in the rankings despite gains in their medians.

Similarly, Henderson’s 89052 – Nevada’s 15th priciest in 2017 – was down five spots this year, ranking as the state’s 20th most expensive zip in 2019 with a median sale price of $400,000. Henderson was also represented by 89044 as Nevada’s 22nd priciest zip at $358,000.

Not to be outdone, Carson City ranked three zips among the state’s priciest – but all three were in the bottom half. Carson City’s most expensive zip code in 2019 was 89703, which placed 18th in the state with a median sale price of $438,000. It was joined by zips 89705 and 89701, the state’s 23rd and 25th most expensive, respectively.

Check out Nevada’s 2017’s rankings here  and Arizona’s 2017 rankings here.

For the full list of the top 50 most expensive desert states zip codes in the U.S. in 2019, explore the table below:

RankZip CodeMunicipalityCountyState2019 Median Sale Price
289402Crystal BayWashoeNV$1,685,000
385253Paradise ValleyMaricopaAZ$1,461,000
489158Las VegasClarkNV$919,000
689448Zephyr CoveDouglasNV$810,000
789451Incline VillageWashoeNV$798,000
1389161Las VegasClarkNV$573,000
1685263Rio VerdeMaricopaAZ$490,000
1889004Blue DiamondClarkNV$473,000
1989138Las VegasClarkNV$467,000
2485331Cave CreekMaricopaAZ$450,000
2689135Las VegasClarkNV$445,000
2789703Carson CityCarson CityNV$438,000
3985268Fountain HillsMaricopaAZ$380,000
4185142Queen CreekMaricopaAZ$369,000
4589141Las VegasClarkNV$359,000
4889705Carson CityCarson CityNV$348,000
4989085North Las VegasClarkNV$347,000
5089701Carson CityCarson CityNV$345,000


To determine the most expensive zip codes in Nevada and Arizona, we looked at residential transactions closed between January 1, 2019, and November 05, 2019, taking into account condo, co-ops, and single- and two-family homes. All package deals were excluded.

For an accurate representation, we considered only zip codes that registered a minimum of three residential transactions.

Due to a number of ties, 52 zip codes made it into our top of the 50 most expensive desert state zip codes in 2019.

Median sale prices were rounded to the closest $1,000.

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