Chyann Sapp: Head to the Bronx before Prices Skyrocket Like They Did in Brooklyn

Chyann Sapp, Corcoran

Chyann Sapp is a real estate agent at Corcoran, working in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. We’re happy for the opportunity to hear her insights on the local real estate market, especially now as both these areas are attracting more and more interest from investors and home buyers. Since Mott Haven found its way into the elite group of NYC’s hottest neighborhoods in 2018 based on our market predictions survey, we asked Chyann what other neighborhoods from the Bronx she recommends.

Read on to find out which neighborhoods in the Bronx you should keep an eye on, and benefit from Chyann Sapp’s top advice for first-time home buyers.

Q: What made you choose a career in real estate?

A: I was working for a few years in a job that had a very short ceiling for growth. While I was there, I started researching the process of purchasing investment properties and the information that I learned quickly piqued my interest in starting a real estate career here in NYC. So I left that job on a Friday, took the weekend off, and started my career first thing on Monday morning. Once I got a taste for running my own business, there was no looking back.

Q: What do you love most about your job? Can you maybe briefly describe a typical day at work for you?

A: In this business, what you do (or don’t do) is a direct result of your success and I love that. The flexibility is also liberating. There’s really no typical day in this business…some days I spend hours on appointments, some days its hours in the office or working from home. But with that unpredictability, self-management and scheduling are crucial.

Q: What is your approach when working with clients?

A: I hand out my special treatment to every client; whether it be rentals or sales. Buying and selling in NYC is like no where else in the world. You will have lots and lots of questions. So I leave no question unanswered, I offer my expert knowledge and guidance, and I build out the team of professionals that you will need to get through the deal. By the end of my deals I’ve been adopted by so many new families and that’s the way I feel it’s supposed to be.

Q: Do you represent properties all across the city?

A: I cover sales and rentals all across Manhattan and I do sales specifically in the Bronx & Riverdale. I represent both owners and buyers in both boroughs. I’m a native Harlem girl and I’ve lived in the Bronx for the past 5 years so Uptown is truly my terrain!

Q: Can you give us some insights on the Bronx residential market?

A: The Bronx was recently named to be the fastest growing borough and most desirable real estate destination in NYC…which absolutely sent me over the moon! This is the perfect time for a serious buyer to swoop in before the prices begin to skyrocket like they did in Brooklyn. The value in the Bronx is truly unbeatable. From coops to townhomes, you won’t find deals this good anywhere else in the city. I’ve seen coops as low as $100,000 and townhomes as low as $450,000. The condo/new development market is also making a lot of headway in the South Bronx especially. There’s a condo opening this year on 138th street that increased their asking prices 3 times and they are still under contract on almost every unit in the building! Across the Bronx there are also 11 other new condo developments in the pre-construction and construction phases that are slated to open starting in the fall of this year. So to say that people are out there looking and ready to buy is really an understatement.

Q: According to our annual market predictions survey, Mott Haven ranked among the top 10 NYC neighborhoods for real estate investments. Which neighborhoods in the Bronx would you recommend?

A: Yes, the South Bronx is booming, primarily because of its location. But that’s not the only neighborhood in the Bronx to look into! I particularly love the West Bronx, where I live, because of the quick access to the city. I also love the neighborhoods of Concourse, Fordham, Bedford Park, and the Pelham Parkway area. I sold a huge one-bedroom off of Pelham Parkway for $189,000 in an amazing area and building. I don’t think people realize how big the Bronx is and how many opportunities are out there.

Q: What advice would you give to first-time homebuyers?

One of the most memorable proverbs I’ve heard is “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” If you’re serious about buying, every month you wait is another month you are paying your landlord when you could be paying your future self. Everyone wants a piece of NYC and contrary to popular knowledge, there are still TONS of deals! But if you aren’t ready to jump on them, you’ll miss out. The market moves fast here and absolutely doesn’t wait for anyone.

Q: What plans do you have for 2018?

This year I’m focused on discovering and supporting all the new businesses that are coming to the Bronx. There are tons of new ventures in the pipeline including restaurants, breweries, and shopping. Plus the only bookstore in the entire borough will be opening this year, which is long overdue. So there’s really a ton of stuff to look forward to!

Q: Do you have any other insights that you’d like to share?

Bronx buyers and homeowners should get serious about doing their research and weighing their options. As investors dive in, the market will quickly begin to shift, so it’s important that you get the right guidance and representation. Consult with a few different experts to find who the right fit is for your needs. Don’t just go with the first agent that approaches you.

About Chyann Sapp

Chyann Sapp is a native New Yorker and a Licensed Real Estate salesperson. She is regarded as being the “Go-To” agent for Bronx and Upper Manhattan sales. Sapp is valued by her clients for her knowledge and guidance, professional backing, and focus on always putting the client first. Learn more

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