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17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

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Property Details

Property address 17985 Pacific Coast Hwy
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
County Los Angeles
Parcel ID 4416005012
Legal description OM 1-76-92 LAND DESC IN DOC 1449175, 102611 LOTS 11,14,POR LOTS 5,13,15,27
Neighborhood Pacific Palisades
Municipality Los Angeles
Lot sqft (calculated) 2,819,173
Property class Art Center, Museum (8842)
Buildings on lot 10
Weed hazard No
Year built 1972
Square footage 77,239

Ownership Information

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Sales & Property History for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Sales history, mortgages, liens, and pre-foreclosures for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway. The complete property history is available in a single place, including buyer and seller information, detailed mortgage & lien records, distressed property records.

Sale date: 10/26/2011
Sale price: $0
Buyer name:
Seller name:

Title Documents for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Records go back to 1966 and include the complete history of deeds, mortgages, assignments of leases and rents, and more! Plus, scanned images of document images are one-click away.

Date Type Party 1 Party 2 Doc image
6/19/2019 Mechanics lien – M
10/26/2011 Deed – M
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Property Taxes for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Access detailed property tax data for 17985 Pacific Coast Hwy. Tax information included: property tax, market value and assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and assessment history.

Tax year: 2020-2021
Property tax: $6,155,280
Land value: $3,489,099
Building value: $362,669,702
Market value: $512,884,907

Special Assessments And Penalties for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Abatements, financial assistance programs and non-ad valorem taxes levied as special taxes/direct assessments are applicable for this property.

Code Description Bill description Tax levied Phone number
18851 Los angeles city light maintenance City LT maint (213) 847-1363
00170 Los angeles county trauma/emerg SRVS Trauma/emerg SRV (866) 587-2862
06852 Mrca-open space preservation assmt dist #2 Mrca opnspace #2 (800) 273-5167
00177 Safe Clean water program funding measure W
06111 West vector mosquito LA west mosq ab (310) 915-7370 Ext 223

Assessment History for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Here's the assessment & property tax history for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway, including the evolution of the total tax rate and corresponding property tax.

Year Property class Assessment value Total tax rate Property tax
2020-2021 Art Center, Museum $512,884,907 1.200129 $6,155,281
2019-2020 Art Center, Museum $498,367,311 1.174279 $5,852,223
2018-2019 Art Center, Museum $490,132,039 1.196 $5,862,205
2017-2018 Art Center, Museum $513,946,708 1.193 $6,131,523
2016-2017 Single Family Residence $505,741,313 1.1918 $6,027,673
2015-2016 Single Family Residence $501,841,753 1.192 $5,981,924
2014-2015 Single Family Residence $497,083,941 1.2187 $6,057,718
2013-2014 Single Family Residence $495,636,528 1.2242 $6,067,751
2012-2013 Single Family Residence $318,798,224 1.2655 $4,034,551

Permits for 17985 Pacific Coast Highway

Issued Permit Type Sub type Valuation Expires Status
Assess the condition of 17985 Pacific Coast Highway by viewing the history of permits filed. Permits include info on any type of work done in the building, including construction or demolition, plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems improvements, and many more.
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