New York City, October 18, 2005 – PropertyShark.com, a data analytical tool for property search, recently launched version 2.0 of its highly interactive maps to further improve their mapping product offering.

Says PropertyShark.com founder, Matthew Haines, “Real estate is location-specific and our goal was to make specialized maps for NYC that incorporate local information that is rich enough to make Google look bland and generic.”

“As a result of recent weather calamities and interest in Katrina, we worked quickly to add a FEMA flood zone overlay,” adds Ryan Slack, chief executive officer of PropertyShark.com.

In PropertyShark.com’s efforts to continually provide relevant and desired data for NYC, in addition to a FEMA flood zone overlay, v2.0 adds new data, including:

  • Subways
  • Borough and community district outlines
  • Outlines of each individual lot on a block
  • Outlines of actual buildings
  • Detail inside of parks such as ponds, creeks, walkways and park buildings
  • Landmark and historic district overlay
  • A special building class theme showing how each building or lot is used (different colors show residential, stores, churches, industrial, government, vacancies, etc.)

With over 20 million properties in twenty major markets, PropertyShark.com provides real estate professionals and investors with data and tools on all aspects of property, including building details, ownership information, recent sales prices, property tax, sophisticated maps, apartments for sale, foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, mailing lists, photos, and more, available directly from the web. PropertyShark.com strives to level the playing field by offering independent real estate firms, investors, and savvy consumers the information transparency essential to evaluate real estate and make informed decisions. For more information go to: www.propertyshark.com