Second Round Winner in Our Facebook Contest

The second round of our Facebook contest is over, thank you all for your submissions and for your nice words. Joshua Haller is this week’s lucky winner of a lifetime subscription.



Joshua managed to get 11 votes from his friends with the following story:

I have been working in Real Estate for 4 years and always going back to Property Shark and for any research or project. The problem is I can only look up 1 listing at a time so the best research tool for RE in NYC becomes the most annoying. Imagine needing to look up 4 properties and having to wait 3 days, then stay up till midnight just to get the fourth! Thats Me All The Time! Please Vote for me, Apr 12 is m B-Day and this would be the best present EVER!

We’re looking forward to the third round of story submissions. Join our contest and tell us how PropertyShark helped you with your work.




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