Announcing the final winners in our Facebook contest

The most anticipated moment of our contest has finally arrived! It’s time to announce the final winners of both the lifetime subscription to PropertyShark services and of our big prize, the iPad Mini.

The good news is that, once again, there are 2 people who won subscriptions. Votes were pouring in on the last minute for Gabe Chitzlifs and we were so impressed of his friends’ support that we decided to give away a second subscription this week.

So here are the winners, together with their stories:

 Gabe Chitzlifs – 136 votes

We have been using for a while now and the thing we like the most about this website is its simplicity in getting information at the click of a mouse and the experience keeps getting more user friendly!”

Dan Tang – 88 votes

” PropertyShark is a great tool for finding out the “inside information” on any properties that many information providers miss or don’t provide. As a real estate professional and investor in a competitive market such as NYC, it’s essential to be armed with the best tools on the market. Proper due diligence must be done for any major purchase. You owe it to yourself and to your clients to know everything possible that could affect the valuation of your target properties. PropertyShark makes this possible.

The lucky winner of the iPad Mini was drawn randomly by the computer. Congratulations to Eric Weinberg! See Eric’s story below:

Over one weekend in the fall, I walked by a gas station in Brooklyn and thought it would make for a great residential development site. I checked the FAR, zoning and tracked down the owner through Property Shark that Monday when I got to my desk. The owner named their “crazy” price to do an off-market deal. After speaking with a few buyers and submitting a number of credible offers, I got a hand shake on the deal and it went into contract a few weeks after. Closing Q2 2013.

Thank you all for entering this month’s contest and stay tuned for our future ones.

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