NYC Soil Pollution Exposed: Mapping All Toxic Sites around the City



map of Toxic sites in NYC



Our NYC Toxic Sites Map has been getting a lot of media attention lately; and there’s a good reason for that! Bringing together all known toxic spots in NYC, our handy map lets you know whether you should fear any health or financial woes when deciding to invest in a certain property.

Look up the property, neighborhood, zip code or parcel you’re interested in and see if there have been any toxic violations reported nearby. Furthermore, you can identify the exact type of toxicity reported in the area; ranging from oil spills to hazardous waste violations, please note that not all toxic spills are equally alarming.

“People shouldn’t panic if they see an icon near a property they’re looking to buy. Not all icons are equally serious and some issues are much more benign than others”, explained Nancy Jorisch, a PropertyShark senior data analyst. “Because when you really, really zoom in, you realize that those icons tend to be clustered in certain areas. And where there’s the occasional icon, there’s a bunch of them that are coming from zoning changes, and the need to repurpose property in New York,” she added.

In order to compile the data, we’ve worked with Toxics Targeting, an environmental database website. The result is this interactive map that shows abandoned landfills, superfund sites, tank failures, gas and oil leaks, and other government-reported contamination threats spread across the map – some more serious than others.

Look up any individual property report for NYC, and you’ll find, among a wealth of other property information, our “Hazards & Environment” section – a snapshot of the previously mentioned map. This information is helpful in understanding the hazards associated with the property, the address next to it, or the street where it’s located. See a sample report right here or subscribe for a premium membership and take full advantage of all PropertyShark services. Many more useful NYC maps are available as well!

Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

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