Top 50 U.S. Home Owner Names: Did Your Name Make the List?

What are the most common home owner names in the U.S. — and is yours one of them? Or maybe yours is listed among the names of luxury property buyers?

In a rather unique attempt to paint a picture of home ownership throughout the U.S., sister website Point2 Homes tapped into our property owners database and pulled out the most common owner names, placing them right next to the names of luxury home buyers.

To make it even more interesting, Point2 Homes cross-referenced them with data to pull out each name’s most probable ethnicity. Results: while traditional English names may rank high in overall ownership, Asian names are grabbing a hold of the luxury sector — with names like Chen, Wang and Liu gaining ground on the Smiths and the Millers.

How about your name? Did it make it to the list of 50 Most Popular Owner Names? 

most common home owner names accross the U.S.

Your name didn’t make the cut? That’s okay, maybe you just have to think local!

Switching to a local view brings even more interesting facts to light: Asian names are frequent among NYC buyers that purchased a home in the past 3 years, but are hardly included in the list of luxury buyers — as opposed to LA, where they practically run the luxury home scene. In fact, the only two Asian names on the list of NYC luxury home buyers are Wang and Chen, overshadowed by English and Jewish names:

NYC home owner names

What’s the most common Los Angeles home owner name? And who leads the luxury homes sector (remember the Wangs and the Chens we just mentioned)? Here’s the complete list:

los angeles home owner names

Want to see how many property owners share your name? That’s easy! Just go to PropertyShark’s home page, switch the search bar to Owner Search and look up any name; you’ll get a full list of all people of a certain name associated with properties in your county.

For more interesting facts and additional city data (including Miami), head over to Point2 Homes‘ full study on the 50 Most Popular Owner Names of Luxury Homes in the US.

Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

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