How to find condo declarations, building management and contact details for condos in New York City

If you ever had to research an NYC condo building, you know that you need to dig a lot to find more specific information such as contacts, conversion records, how many sales there were in the building or details on each unit.

The good news is that you don’t need to search farther than our database to gain access to this type of condo information. We’ll show you just where in our property reports to look in order to find:

  • Building management and contact information;
  • Condo declaration and conversion details;
  • A list of unit owners and sales.

Note: Our database keeps track of condos in New York City by providing a full report of the condo building itself plus individual reports for units.

Let’s take as an example the Franklin Tower in TriBeCa at 90 Franklin Street, Manhattan, NY. When searching by this exact address on our Home page, the report for the building will be generated, revealing valuable information on building management, units, square footage, and more!

Here’s how to do this type of research:

1. Research building management and contact details

Valuable information extracted from the NYC Housing Preservation and Development Department (HPD) is listed in our B: Owners & Residents section. The building management list is followed by contact details from permits which will allow you to quickly reach the people representing the property:


2. Find condo declarations and other conversion details

Most condo buildings have been subject to a conversion and we keep the records for the original parcel. In order to access this data, you need to go to the Overview and look for the Condo conversion link:

Condo Conversion
Condo conversion


In order to find the Condo declaration document go to Section C: Title History and look for the Declaration. As you can see, The Franklin Tower was converted to condominiums in 1999 and we provide a direct link to the official document recorded with ACRIS:


Having an insight into the provisions making up the Condominium Declaration before buying a property is highly recommendable in order to make the most informed buying decision. It usually includes legal descriptions of the condominium and of each individual unit, the nature and scope of the development project (when applicable), and several provisions regarding the use of the units and common areas.

3. Research condo units in the building

In order to find the list of condo units in this building, once the report is generated, you need to go to section A3: Units & Related Parcels.

A3 Units

Click on any of the options available for viewing the list and expand it:

All units

The list reveals all owners and sale prices recorded. Clicking on any of the unit numbers will give you a report for that particular unit, where you can find out more about the unit’s history, documents filed or property taxes paid by the owner.


If you have any questions while researching condos in New York City, our awesome team of Customer Support professionals is available to assist you with any inquiries, 7 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm ET at 718-715-1758 or [email protected]

Andra Rus

Andra Rus

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