The NYC retail market, challenged worldwide only by the Hong Kong market, has always done fabulously due to ever-increasing interest from big retailers around the world. But in the past years, the biggest retail corridors have been seeing explosive rents, as if trying to mirror the ascending trend in home prices. As such, nobody had been particularly surprised to see store and office leases going through the roof in areas along Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Broadway and even Times Square.

But what about other parts of the city (and other boroughs)? How can one find information on vacant retail space for lease that’s both reliable and easy to access?

Our NYC Retail Space for Lease Map plots the vacant retail space in every borough and makes available valuable information such as basic lease description, price and size of the retail space (if offered by the broker), as well as contact info for the space. To see what other businesses are in the proximity of your area of interest, zoom in to the last layer*

NYC Retail MapIn many cases, storefront photos taken by professional are also available.

If you have an active PropertyShark subscription, you can access more information on the property by clicking the Show Mini-Report link or by directly accessing the property’s full report and looking at the For Lease Section.

*Note: Although we try to update the map as often as possible, due to frequent business migration, certain retail names shown on the map might have changed.

Roxana Baiceanu

Roxana Baiceanu

Roxana is an associate editor with Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive. In the past, she also created content for PropertyShark and Point2Homes’ blog pages. She also has 5 years of experience as a marketing copywriter.

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