PropertyShark Website is Now Lightning-Fast: Comps and Foreclosures 4X Faster

Users, we heard you: no more waiting time on our website, ever! PropertyShark now works twice as fast and search results load in a flash. Furthermore, two of the most popular products, Comparables and Foreclosures, load as much as 4 times faster!

Back in April, we announced massive performance improvements across all PropertyShark products as tests showed that comps and foreclosures worked up to 50% faster. And, while these results were truly amazing and greatly improved user experience on the website, we haven’t stopped there – we’ve kept on working to make the website even better.

To put things into perspective, think of what you can usually achieve in under 3 seconds when doing in-depth, complex real estate research. You’d probably say not that much, but here’s how it now translates when using PropertyShark:

  • 1 second: a detailed, comprehensive property report loads
  • 1.5 seconds: search results on our Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures pages load, even if you use complex filtering options
  • 1.5 seconds: generate the most accurate comps searches available anywhere, based on your custom criteria

As the go-to source for thousands of real estate professionals, PropertyShark’s goal has always been to make your daily research easier and provide critical property data and tools all in one place. Having this huge database at your fingertips is a time-saver. And being able to access it lightning fast, from your desk or while on the go, makes it even better.

Thanks once again to all PropertyShark customers for the constructive feedback we receive all the time! Balancing a huge property database with the need to deliver the data fast can sometimes be quite a challenge, but your suggestions always help us focus our efforts. Also, congratulations are in order to the PropertyShark team that worked on improving the website speed!

Stay tuned for future updates!

Andra Rus

Andra Rus

With 10+ years of experience at PropertyShark, Andra covers the latest product updates and market reports for our blog. Her work has been featured in The Real Deal, Curbed, TimeOut, The Daily Mail, Business Insider, Crain’s New York.

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