10 Go-To Real Estate Photographers in New York City

There’s a lot that goes into selling a property, but one thing is true across the board: First impressions matter. Since many buyers get their first impression from an online photo, finding the right real estate photographer is a top priority.

We’ve tracked down ten of the best NYC real estate photographers. Take a moment to check out the list, in no particular order, along with a little info to get you started.

Duplex Imaging

modern living room with fireplace and furniture
Image courtesy of Duplex Imaging

Led by Mike Finkelstein, an architectural photographer, Duplex Imaging uses the highest quality cameras and lighting, coupled with advanced retouching on every photo they provide to the client. They service New York City as well as the entire tri-state area.

Josh Mak Photography

spacious living room with white furnitures and finishes
Image courtesy of Joshua Mak

With a focus not just on real estate photography but the creation of digital floor plans, video tours, and video staging, Josh Mak Photography offers residential services in NYC as well as L.A., Chicago, Miami, and several other large markets. They have worked on thousands of projects for a range of clients, from individual real estate agents to large property management companies.

MW Studio

modern looking room of a penthouse overlooking the new york skyline
Image courtesy of MW Studio

MW Studio has been in the news recently – a lot! Their real estate photos have ended up in The New York Times, Aspire Home and Design, New York Post, Curbed, Architectural Digest, and many others. They have a talent pool made up of nearly a dozen photographers, each with their own unique background in real estate photography, including studio leader Michael Weinstein and New Zealand native lead retoucher Monique Laloli.

Frank Ritter Photography

For truly artistic architectural photography, Frank Ritter Photography exceeds expectations. With a focus on shadow, unique use of negative space, and creative setups, these photos stand out from the norm.

JP Blaise Photography

modern living room with colorful furniture
Image Courtesy of Jean-Philippe Blaise

A resident of New York City since 2001, Jean-Phillippe of JP Blaise Photography was raised and trained in Paris. He is both a real estate photographer and a licensed real estate agent, which puts him in a unique position to understand what his real estate clients are looking for.

Leon Cato Photography


insite of a cabin in the woods with dome like architecture
Image courtesy of Leon Cato

Leon Cato lives with his wife in Jackson Heights and holds an MBA. In 2010, while living in London, he made the switch to real estate photography and has not gone back. He’s been servicing the greater NYC area since 2012 and provides services for every type of home or commercial property, from the elegant to the quirky.

Richard Caplan Photography

room with inside staircase and glass ceiling
Image courtesy of Richard Caplan

Though his focus is on luxury properties, Richard Caplan has been known to point his lens at many inspired scenes throughout the city of New York. His body of work includes both interior and exterior shoots along with portraits, commercial properties, and unique shots throughout the city.

Travis Mark Photography

Over his decade-long career, Travis Mark has shot everything from mansions to tiny homes. His work has been on the cover of numerous high-end publications, including both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. His portfolio covers more than 100 new developments and accounts for more than $1 billion NYC real estate each year.

Evan Joseph Photography

view from the balcony of an apartment over the new york city skyline
Image courtesy of Evan Joseph

You’d be hard pressed to find a type of photography Evan Joseph hasn’t made part of his repertoire, from aerial shots to residences, from commercial spots to hospitality centers, he has done it all. With a unique educational background that includes Vassar and the Slade School of Art in London, he has both the technical background and the experience to handle any assignment.

VHT Studios

With corporate offices in New York City and Chicago, VHT Studios works with a network of photographers that can cover most of the United States – including NYC. While they work to provide the highest possible quality on every photo, their services don’t end there. Clients can also get full marketing services, including the creation of brochures and other ad materials. VHT considers their company to be a partner with listing agents and brokers.