Editor’s Note: PropertyShark is saddened by the losses caused by this year’s wildfires, tropical storms and COVID-19. The article below is simply a presentation of hard data and in no way attempts to ignore the devastation these areas have experienced.

Key Takeaways:

  • At $7 million, Atherton’s 94027 remains #1 most expensive zip code for fourth consecutive year
  • California further solidifies its position as most expensive housing market with 87 entries
  • Medians rose in 78 of country’s 100 priciest zips in 2020, flipping the mostly downsliding trend of 2019
  • San Francisco claims 11 of the priciest zip codes, the highest concentration of any city, with the Bay Area home to 50
  • Offering up 23 zips, Los Angeles County features the highest concentration of expensive zip codes at the county level
  • Metro L.A., Bay Area & New York metropolitan area account for 103 of the most exclusive zip codes in the U.S.
  • For first time in at least five years, TriBeCa isn’t among the top 10 priciest zip codes, landing at #11 with 10007
  • Red Hook & Carroll Gardens zip places Brooklyn among 100 most expensive for second year in a row
  • Nationally, 13 zips featured median sale prices higher than $3 million — one less than in 2019
  • Overall, the country’s top 100 most expensive zip codes are located in 11 states; California & New York claim bulk of high-priced real estate

Ranking the Priciest U.S. Zip Codes by Closed Home Sales

As a truly unprecedented year draws to a close, we’ve yet again taken a look at the 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S. As always, when determining the most exclusive areas for high-priced real estate, we calculated median sale prices based on closed home sales, not asking prices, as we consider this methodology to provide the most accurate picture of actual market dynamics. Whereas asking prices reflect sellers wishes, calculating medians based on sale prices reflects the transactional reality on the ground.

For instance, bidding wars in highly competitive markets often push the sale price well above the initial listing price. Conversely, in less-sought-after markets, price cuts can be necessary to move the home. This method also eliminates the outsized influence of ultra-luxury listings, which traditionally stay on the market for longer periods of time than the average home and also typically sell after significant price cuts.  

All in all, after analyzing residential sales closed between January 1 and October 16, 2020, we identified the 100 highest medians in the country, which were claimed by 121 zip codes due to 17 price ties.

Explore last year’s rankings here and make sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for the full list of 2020’s top most expensive zip codes in the U.S.

California & New York Again Claim Majority of Most Expensive Zips with Pockets of Pricey Zips in 9 Other States

While California and New York have historically featured the bulk of the most expensive real estate in the country, the disparity between the U.S. overall and its West and East Coast economic engines has been increasingly reflected in real estate prices. As a result, the overwhelming majority of the country’s most expensive zip codes are now located in these two states.

In fact, in 2020, 107 of the 121 zip codes with the highest medians were located in California and New York. Specifically, New York provided 20, while California originated a whopping 87 zip codes (slightly fewer than 2019’s record 91), including eight of the 10 most expensive.

Outside of California and New York’s heavy dominance, pockets of extreme affluence brought nine additional states into our ranking — the same number as last year. After California and New York, Massachusetts had the next-heaviest presence with four zip codes in the ranking. Notably, Boston’s infamously pricey Back Bay area is conspicuously absent in 2020 due to depressed sales activity in zip 02199.

Connecticut and Nevada also added two zip codes each, while Arizona, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Washington each contributed one, mostly in the bottom quarter of our list. Notable exceptions were Florida’s 33109, which landed at #23 and Washington’s 98039 at #9, both of which are veterans of pricey real estate. In fact, they’ve both ranked among the 100 priciest areas for five consecutive years.

States in the top 100 and the number of zip codes they provided

Looking at overall price trends, 2020 presented a reversal of 2019’s picture, with significantly more areas experiencing gains in their median sale price than losses. Specifically, in 2020, medians registered year-over-year (Y-o-Y) gains in 78 locations and losses in 27 areas, whereas 2019 saw medians increase in 38 zip codes and contract in 63.

Moreover, of the 78 zip codes where medians trended up, 28 experienced double-digit gains — including nine areas where the increase surpassed 20%. Of these, the sharpest growth rates were recorded in New York City’s (NYC) Upper West Side, more specifically in zip 10069, which saw its median rise 42% (about $800,000) to reach a median sale price of $2,725,000.

That was followed closely by the 41% gain observed in California’s 93953, which covers famed golfing destination Pebble Beach, a community dominated by pricey single-family homes that now sports a $2,140,000 median.

The Hamptons claimed the third-highest price gain with a 30% Y-o-Y increase in Bridgehampton’s 11932, the location of the renowned Hampton Classic Horse Show, with a 2020 median sale price of $3,325,000.

Malibu’s 90265 and L.A.’s 90077 also experienced rapid price growth compared to 2019, with both medians rising 25%. This brought Malibu’s 90265 — home to some of the most sought-after beaches and beachfront homes in Greater Los Angeles — to a $2,500,000 median. Similarly, 90077 — covering exclusive L.A. neighborhoods like Bel Air, Holmby Hills and parts of Beverly Glen — reached a $2,190,000 median.

Most expensive zip codes: 3 biggest gains and losses in median sale prices

At the other end of the spectrum, 12 of the 27 zip codes that saw prices decline registered double-digit price drops — half of which were in New York, including the three most significant drops. To be precise, NYC’s 10018 zip in the Garment District had the sharpest drop at -38%, which decreased the Midtown zip code’s median to $1,575,000, for a nearly $1 million price cut compared to 2019.

This was followed by Nassau County’s Mill Neck, which experienced a 30% contraction in zip 11765 to bring the median sale price down from last year’s $2,090,000 to $1,463,000. NYC was also the location of the third-sharpest price drop, as well, with Chelsea’s 10001 zip. Its median came in at $1,830,000 after a 28% Y-o-Y decrease.

At $7M, Atherton Remains #1 Most Expensive Zip Code in U.S. for 4th Consecutive Year

Overall, 13 zip codes posted medians of $3 million or above. In fact, Atherton’s 94027 featured a $7,000,000 median sale price for the second consecutive year, despite a mild 1% downtick compared to 2019. As such, Atherton remained the #1 most expensive zip code in the U.S. for the fourth consecutive year. This ultra-exclusive Bay Area community is favored by billionaires, Silicon Valley executives, venture capitalists and sports A-listers.

Likewise, Sagaponack’s 11962 marked its third consecutive year as the #2 most expensive zip code in the U.S. Its $3,875,000 median was the result of a 10% Y-o-Y drop — the fourth year in the past five that this exclusive Hamptons community’s median sale price decreased. Back in 2015, it dethroned Atherton from the #1 spot with a jaw-dropping $8.5 million median, a position it managed to hold onto in 2016, despite a 35% price drop. However, since then, it has been seriously outpaced by its West Coast rival.

Stabilizing at a $3,750,000 median sale price, Santa Monica’s 90402 and Beverly Hills’ iconic 90210 tied for the title of #3 priciest zip code in the U.S. Covering the exclusive Santa Monica neighborhood North of Montana and parts of Rustic Canyon, Santa Monica’s 90402 marked its second year as the third-priciest zip, despite coming in 10% below 2019 pricing levels. This price drop allowed Beverly Hills’ 90210 to equal Santa Monica’s median, as the former’s median sale price contracted at a milder -8%, thereby giving Beverly Hills its highest position since 2015.

Overall, both 90402 and 90210 are consistently among the 10 most expensive zip codes nationally, with median sale prices firmly in the $3 million range or even higher. For instance, last year, Beverly Hills reached a five-year high of $4,080,000.

Map of top 10 most expensive U.S. zip codes in 2020 and their median sale prices

California also claimed the #4 priciest zip with 94957 in Ross and Portola Valley’s 94028 at #5. Both Bay Area zips were on the rise, with Ross gaining 8% over 2019 figures to reach $3,605,000, while Portola Valley rose 7% to stabilize at $3,530,000. Similarly to Atherton, albeit to a somewhat lesser degree, both Ross and Portola Valley have increasingly attracted high-profile athletes, entertainers and Silicon Valley executives.

Meanwhile, of the 13 zip codes that posted medians of $3 million and higher, six logged median sale price gains, one remained flat and six observed decreases in their medians — including the four zip codes that feature the three highest medians nationally.

Bay Area Remains #1 Most Expensive Metro with 50 of the Top U.S. Zip Codes

Zooming out to the metropolitan areas of the top zip codes in the country, the Bay Area, the Los Angeles metropolitan area and the vast New York metropolitan area dominate almost completely. In fact, these three metros comprise a stunning 103 of the total 121 zip codes with the 100 highest median sale prices in the country. This has been the case for years due to their exceptionally tight housing markets and traditionally attractive economies.

As the uncontested epicenter of expensive housing, the Bay Area alone is home to 50 of the most expensive zip codes, including six of the 10 priciest. Fueled by Silicon Valley’s economic influence, the entire area has been characterized by sky-high prices for decades, while simultaneously becoming a housing mecca for the super-rich — including half of the world’s tech billionaires, many of whom own homes in Atherton, which, at $7 million, remains the most exclusive zip code in the nation.   

Bay Area expensive zip code distribution by county

As a testament to California’s notoriously pricey real estate, the state was also home to the second-most expensive metro in 2020. Here, Orange and Los Angeles counties landed 30 zip codes among the country’s 100 highest priced. In the L.A. metropolitan area, the most expensive zip codes were Santa Monica’s 90402 and Beverly Hills’ 90210 — the #3 priciest nationally.

On the East Coast, the vast New York metropolitan area was represented by 23 zip codes, 10 of which are located in NYC. However, for the first time ever, no NYC zip code ranked among the country’s 10 priciest. All in all, the state of New York originated 20 of the metro’s top zips, Connecticut supplied two Fairfield County zips, and New Jersey was represented by one Bergen County zip.

L.A., Santa Clara, San Mateo & San Francisco Counties Claim Highest Concentration of Expensive Zip Codes  

Yet again, the sheer dominance of California housing prices was also reaffirmed at the county level, as well. By far, Los Angeles County featured the highest number of expensive zip codes, with 23 of its zips among the nation’s priciest — two more than in 2019. Its priciest zips were 90402 and 90210, which tied with a $3,750,000 median at #3 nationally. L.A. County was subsequently followed by three Bay Area counties, with Santa Clara County adding 15 zip codes, while San Francisco County and San Mateo County contributed 11 each.

While Santa Clara County was represented by two fewer zip codes than last year, it nevertheless placed three zips among the 10 most expensive nationally. Specifically, 94022 in Los Altos came in at #6 with a $3,453,000 median, while its 94024 zip code was the #10 most expensive in the U.S. with a $3,200,000 median sale price.

Map of Counties with Most Zip Codes in Top: Los Angeles 23, Santa Clara 15, San Francisco 11, San Mateo 11

The two Los Altos zips were joined by Palo Alto’s 94301, which placed #8 with its $3,298,000 median sale price. San Mateo County was also represented among the 10 priciest zip codes with Atherton’s 94027 and Portola Valley’s 94028 as the #1 and #5 priciest, respectively.

Beyond that, however, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties’ top zip codes form a virtually uninterrupted super-cluster of expensive zip codes around Silicon Valley’s most iconic locations, including Mountain View, Menlo Park, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Burlingame and San Jose.

Expensive Zip Codes Continue to Cluster in San Francisco, NYC & L.A.

San Francisco County, which fully overlaps the City of San Francisco, featured 11 zip codes among the nation’s most expensive. As a result, San Francisco was the city with the highest number of pricey zip codes for the fourth consecutive year. And, although it didn’t rank any zips among the 10 priciest, its top two zip codes still posted medians above the $2 million mark.

Specifically, the Marina District’s 94123 was the #36 most expensive zip with a $2,150,000 median sale price, followed by the Richmond District’s 94118 at #42 with its $2,028,000 median. What’s more, prices grew in both areas, with the Marina District up 7% over 2019, while the Richmond District gained a more modest 2% over year-ago figures.

They were followed by the Castro’s 94114 at #52, which tied with Alamo, Calif.’s 94507; Belmont, Calif.’s 94002; and Riverside, Conn.’s 06878, which all posted $1,850,000 median sale prices.

Map of city with Most Zip Codes in Top: San Francisco, 11 zips

The City of Los Angeles had the third-highest number of expensive zip codes, with seven ranking nationally. In particular, its most expensive zip was 90272 at a $2,75 median sale price, which placed the Pacific Palisades zip as the #20 priciest in the U.S. and was the result of a 10% price increase over 2019 levels. Notably, L.A.’s priciest zip formed a contiguous area of expensive real estate with the city’s second- and third-priciest zip codes: 90077 and 90049.

Specifically, Brentwood’s 90049 posted a 2020 median sale price of $2,110,000 thanks to a mild 1% uptick over its year-ago median. This made 90049 L.A.’s third-priciest zip code and the #38 nationally, connecting its top zip with its second-priciest: Bel Air’s 90077, which also covers Holmby Hills and parts of Beverly Glen. Nationally the #34 most expensive, 90077 posted a $2,190,000 median sale price after a 25% Y-o-Y jump — the fourth-highest gain among the country’s top 100 zips. 

Across the country, NYC was the city with second-highest concentration of pricey zips, ranking 10 among the country’s most expensive. But, for the first time ever, no NYC zip codes were among the 10 priciest in the U.S. Its most expensive zip code, 10007, came in at #11, while fellow exclusive NYC zip 10013 placed #13.

Meanwhile, back in California, Newport Beach featured four zips, while Mountain View and Beverly Hills ranked three each. Taking a closer look at Newport Beach, its priciest areas experienced a slump this year. Only 92660 increased (7%), while one zip remained flat and its two most expensive registered drops.

Notably, 92661, which covers much of Balboa, saw its median decrease 24% compared to 2019. Not only was this the fourth-sharpest median sale price drop among the most expensive U.S. zips, but it also amounted to a $740,000 decrease — bringing the beachfront zip code down from over $3 million to a 2020 median of $2,400,000.

For the First Time, No NYC Zips Among 10 Most Expensive

With its traditionally most expensive zip codes located in the heart of the urban core and as one of the early epicenters of the pandemic, NYC’s real estate market felt the effects of COVID-19 at a sharper degree than others.  

Specifically — and a historic first — no NYC zip codes ranked among the 10 most expensive in the U.S., whereas over the past years, TriBeCa’s 10007 or 10013 consistently featured some the highest medians in the country. In fact, in 2017, both zips had medians in the $4 million range, with 10013 the #2 most expensive zip code in the U.S. at the time with its $4,100,000 median and 10007 at #4 with a $3,989,000 median sale price.

While the medians of both zip codes have naturally trended downward to a certain extent, they also both contracted by double digits compared to 2019. Specifically, 10007 — which covers parts of Downtown Manhattan like TriBeCa, SoHo and Civic Center — experienced a 19% drop in its median sale price. As a result, it went from a $3,900,000 median sale price in 2019 to $3,150,000 in 2020, placing #11 nationally.

Likewise, neighboring 10013 — part TriBeCa, part SoHo, Little Italy and Hudson Square — underwent a 15% drop, which brought its median below $3 million for the first time in at least five years. More precisely, 10013 came in at #13 nationally with a $2,999,000 median sale price.

Overall, that downward trend held true for most of NYC’s most expensive zips: four saw their medians drop at double-digit rates, one experienced a single-digit drop, three remained unchanged and two enjoyed gains.

Map of Top 10 Most Expensive Zip Codes in NYC

And just like in 2019, NYC was again the city of contrasts, claiming both the sharpest median sale price drop and the sharpest increase. The Upper West Side’s 10069 median shot up 42%, going from $1,920,000 in 2019 to $2,725,000 in 2020. That dynamic increase was fueled by luxury condo sales at a new development.  

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum was 10018 in the Garment District, which saw its median drop 38% or nearly $1 million. In 2019, it was the #26 most expensive zip code in the U.S. with a $2,520,000 median sale price, whereas, in 2020, it placed #84 at $1,575,000. Similarly, Chelsea’s 10001 zip contracted at the third-sharpest rate among the 100 most expensive zip codes, stabilizing at a $1,830,000 median following a 28% drop.

In Brooklyn, Red Hook & Carroll Gardens kept the borough among the most expensive zip codes, with zip 11231 returning from its historic first in 2019. However, it came in at #100 — just barely making it on the list — as its $1,450,000 median remained unchanged from 2019 and price growth in other expensive zip codes allowed it to be outpaced.

New York’s Top Zips Split Between NYC, Hamptons & Long Island’s North Shore

Overall, New York was the only state to offer any kind of real competition to California’s sky-high prices, claiming 20 of the country’s top zip codes. While NYC claimed 10 — with nine in Manhattan (New York County) and one in Brooklyn (Kings County) — areas outside the urban core yet still within close proximity to the city continued to be included among the most expensive zip codes.

Among them was Westchester County’s 10580 in Rye. It was the #65 most expensive zip code in the U.S. with a median sale price of $1,711,000 — up 2% over 2019 levels.

Nine other New York zip codes also ranked among the priciest nationally, all of them from Long Island. Specifically, Nassau County had three zip codes, while Suffolk County was represented by six exclusive Hamptons zip codes, including the #2 priciest in the U.S. Indeed, Sagaponack’s 11962 retained its runner-up position for the third consecutive year, despite a 10% price drop that brought it’s median to $3,875,000.

New York’s only other zip to rank among the 10 most expensive nationally was another perennially pricey Hamptons enclave. Bridgehampton’s 11932 came in at #7 after a 30% price increase pushed its median sale price to $3,325,000. That was also the third-highest median price growth among the top 100 most expensive zip codes.

Sagaponack and Bridgehampton were joined by Wainscott and Water Mill, with all four Hamptons zip codes ranking among the most expensive nationally for the fifth year in a row. Amagansett and Quogue returned too, with medians in the $2 million range, marking their fourth and third appearance, respectively.

As for Nassau County, its three contributions were also expensive zip code veterans: Manhasset, Old Westbury and Mill Neck. All from Long Island’s famously exclusive North Shore, these zips recorded medians firmly in the $1.5 million range.

Specifically, Manhasset’s 11030 was the #84 most expensive zip code in the U.S. after a 7% increase lifted its median to $1,575,000. At $1,542,000, Old Westbury’s 11568 was the #88 most expensive zip code nationally, while Mill Neck’s 11765 squeezed in at #99 after a 30% price drop – the second-highest among the top 100 –  brought its median down from $2,090,000 in 2019 to $1,463,000.

Medina’s 98039 Still Most Expensive Zip Code in Pacific Northwest

Although Seattle and Portland are no strangers to pricey housing markets, the Pacific Northwest overall has typically ranked only one or two zip codes among the 100 most expensive. Moreover, when looking at areas where expensive homes cluster, in the Pacific Northwest that usually means exclusive suburban enclaves in King County like Medina, Mercer Island and Bellevue.

Of these, Medina’s 98039 has remained the undisputed leader of expensive real estate, with 2020 marking the fifth consecutive year that it has maintained the highest median sale price in the Pacific Northwest.

Moreover, its $3,225,000 median sale price made 98039 the #9 most expensive zip code nationally — the highest position this exclusive enclave has ever reached. Favored by some of the most high-profile tech executives in the world — including Bill and Melinda Gates— 98039 has been on an unrelenting upward climb, with its median appreciating for five consecutive years. Back in 2016, it was only the #35 priciest zip in the country with a $1,907,000 median.

Arizona & Nevada Lead with Priciest Real Estate in Mountain States

Outside of California and King County, Wash.’s exclusive enclaves, the West had a limited number of extremely expensive zip codes. In the Mountain States, three zip codes from Arizona and Nevada posted medians high enough to rank among the 100 priciest in the U.S. Specifically, Nevada added two zip codes for the second time, while Arizona’s Paradise Valley also returned after it broke into the top 100 in 2019.

In Nevada, Glenbrook’s 89413 remained firmly positioned as the #1 most expensive zip code in the Mountain States, posting its highest median yet: $2,170,000. After steadily climbing since 2016, Glenbrook’s median suddenly fell in 2019, dropping nearly $350,000. But 2020 brought about a 23% increase to the Lake Tahoe community, pushing its median back over $2 million and making this the #35 priciest zip code nationally.

Nevada’s second-priciest zip code, Crystal Bay’s 89402, is also located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, albeit in Washoe County. Known for pricey waterfront homes, Crystal Bay appeared for the second time among the 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S., following up on its 2019 debut at #64. However, this year, Crystal Bay came in at #95 following a 12% decrease in its median sale price, which stabilized at $1,490,000.

Map of Most Expensive Zip Codes in Mountain States

As for Arizona’s top zip, Paradise Valley’s 85253 also returned in 2020 following its 2019 debut among the country’s 100 most expensive zip codes. Moreover, the Maricopa County zip code climbed to #89 after a 5% Y-o-Y uptick raised its median sale price to $1,538,000. The affluent Phoenix suburb has been Arizona’s price leader for years, in part due to its popularity among veterans of the music industry.  

Without Boston’s Back Bay, Riverside’s 06878 Becomes Top Zip Code in New England

Of the six states in New England, three logged zip codes among the 100 most expensive: Massachusetts featured four, Connecticut two and New Hampshire returned for the second year with 03781 in Rye Beach. While the latter had a strong debut in 2019, coming in at #46 with a $1,900,000, this year, Rye Beach experienced a 22% drop in its median sale price. Consequently, the Rockingham County zip landed at #96 with a $1,485,000 median sale price.

Conversely, although Connecticut had one less zip code than last year, its two priciest zip codes saw their medians rise. Specifically, Riverside’s 06878 came in as the #52 most expensive zip code nationally, after a 13% increase brought its median to $1,850,000. As a result, Riverside’s 06878 was the #1 most expensive zip code in New England, returning to 2018 pricing levels after trending down in 2019.

Riverside was joined by Greenwich’s 06830, another Fairfield County zip. Coming in at #92, Greenwich’s 06830 ranked higher than last year thanks to a 4% gain that brought its 2020 median to $1,505,000. But, unlike Riverside, the growth experienced in 2020 failed to return it to the peak pricing it recorded in 2018 ($1,617,000).

Map of Most Expensive Zip Codes in New England

Meanwhile, although Massachusetts had the heaviest presence among the country’s most expensive zip codes, it failed to claim the most expensive zip in the region. This was due to the absence of Boston’s ultra-pricey 02199, which had insufficient sales activity.

As a result, Massachusetts’ most expensive zip in 2020 was 02554 in Nantucket, the #54 priciest in the U.S. thanks to its $1,825,000 median — a significant gain compared to the $1,480,000 recorded in 2018, the last time it ranked among the country’s top zips.  

Nantucket was followed by 02481 in Wellesley Hills, which ranked as the #68 most expensive zip code in the U.S. with a $1,703,000 median sale price. That was the result of a 16% price gain, which afforded Wellesley Hills its highest median in five years. Additionally, Weston’s 02493 took #93, climbing five positions following a 5% Y-o-Y increase that raised its median to $1,504,000.

Boston was represented by Beacon Hill’s 02108, which landed at #81 with a $1,600,000 median. Beacon Hill was last seen among the nation’s most expensive zip codes in 2017, when it claimed the same position despite a lower $1,475,000 median.

New Jersey’s 07620 The Only Mid-Atlantic Zip Code Outside New York to Rank Among Priciest

The Mid-Atlantic region was, of course, dominated by New York, with New Jersey adding one zip. That zip code was, as expected, Alpine’s 07620 — which, at $1,450,000 had the #100 most expensive median sale price in the U.S.

Throughout the past five years, the Bergen County zip usually appeared midway through the 100 most expensive zip codes, even going as high as #33 in 2017, thanks to a $2,200,000 median sale price. However, the zip’s uncharacteristically low ranking this year came as the result of a 19% Y-o-Y drop in its median.

While Short Hills’ 07078 had also represented New Jersey among the priciest U.S. zip codes for several years, the exclusive zip disappeared from our ranking in 2019, outpaced by more accelerated price growth in other areas, especially California.

Exclusive Island Communities in Maryland & Florida Lead South Atlantic Real Estate

Moving down the coast to Maryland, Gibson Island’s 21056 ranked as the #75 most expensive zip code, tied with 90274 in Rolling Hills, Calif. The exclusive island community featured a $1,625,000 median sale price — up 16% over 2019 figures, when it barely made our list at #100. And, although it certainly recapped some of its median losses from 2019, Gibson Island has yet to match its 2016 pricing peak of $1,650,000.

In the South Atlantic region, Florida was represented by Miami Beach’s 33109 zip. Covering the ultra-exclusive Fisher Island, 33109 was the #23 most expensive zip code in the U.S., tied with 92067 in Rancho Santa Fe at a $2,700,000 median. Fisher Island, too, was on the upswing, with its median up 13% over 2019 levels — although this is still a far cry from its 2017 record of $4,054,500, which earned it #3 nationally.

For the full list of 2020’s top 100 most expensive zip codes in the U.S., explore the interactive table below:

#Zip CodeMunicipalityCountyState2020 Median Sale Price
194027AthertonSan Mateo CountyCA $7,000,000
211962SagaponackSuffolk CountyNY $3,875,000
390402Santa MonicaLos Angeles CountyCA $3,750,000
390210Beverly HillsLos Angeles CountyCA $3,750,000
494957RossMarin CountyCA $3,605,000
594028Portola ValleySan Mateo CountyCA $3,530,000
694022Los AltosSanta Clara CountyCA $3,453,000
711932BridgehamptonSuffolk CountyNY $3,325,000
894301Palo AltoSanta Clara CountyCA $3,298,000
998039MedinaKing CountyWA $3,225,000
1094024Los AltosSanta Clara CountyCA $3,200,000
1110007New YorkNew York CountyNY $3,150,000
1294010BurlingameSan Mateo CountyCA $3,100,000
1310013New YorkNew York CountyNY $2,999,000
1492657Newport CoastOrange CountyCA $2,998,000
1594920Belvedere TiburonMarin CountyCA $2,960,000
1693108Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara CountyCA $2,925,000
1711975WainscottSuffolk CountyNY $2,800,000
1894970Stinson BeachMarin CountyCA $2,770,000
1992625Corona Del MarOrange CountyCA $2,762,000
2090272Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $2,750,000
2192662Newport BeachOrange CountyCA $2,728,000
2210069New YorkNew York CountyNY $2,725,000
2392067Rancho Santa FeSan Diego CountyCA $2,700,000
2333109Miami BeachMiami-Dade CountyFL $2,700,000
2495070SaratogaSanta Clara CountyCA $2,600,000
2595030Los GatosSanta Clara CountyCA $2,580,000
2694528DiabloContra Costa CountyCA $2,530,000
2794306Palo AltoSanta Clara CountyCA $2,500,000
2790266Manhattan BeachLos Angeles CountyCA $2,500,000
2790265MalibuLos Angeles CountyCA $2,500,000
2810282New YorkNew York CountyNY $2,480,000
2911976Water MillSuffolk CountyNY $2,475,000
3094025Menlo ParkSan Mateo CountyCA $2,415,000
3192661Newport BeachOrange CountyCA $2,400,000
3211930AmagansettSuffolk CountyNY $2,350,000
3393921Carmel By The SeaMonterey CountyCA $2,210,000
3490077Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $2,190,000
3589413GlenbrookDouglas CountyNV $2,170,000
3694123San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $2,150,000
3793953Pebble BeachMonterey CountyCA $2,138,000
3890049Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $2,110,000
3911959QuogueSuffolk CountyNY $2,100,000
3994904GreenbraeMarin CountyCA $2,100,000
4092651Laguna BeachOrange CountyCA $2,065,000
4195014CupertinoSanta Clara CountyCA $2,050,000
4294118San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $2,028,000
4391108San MarinoLos Angeles CountyCA $2,025,000
4494062Redwood CitySan Mateo CountyCA $1,999,000
4594087SunnyvaleSanta Clara CountyCA $1,973,000
4694402San MateoSan Mateo CountyCA $1,950,000
4694041Mountain ViewSanta Clara CountyCA $1,950,000
4794040Mountain ViewSanta Clara CountyCA $1,903,000
4890211Beverly HillsLos Angeles CountyCA $1,900,000
4894939LarkspurMarin CountyCA $1,900,000
4992660Newport BeachOrange CountyCA $1,878,000
5090291VeniceLos Angeles CountyCA $1,868,000
5194070San CarlosSan Mateo CountyCA $1,867,000
5294114San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,850,000
5294507AlamoContra Costa CountyCA $1,850,000
5294002BelmontSan Mateo CountyCA $1,850,000
5206878RiversideFairfield CountyCT $1,850,000
5310001New YorkNew York CountyNY $1,830,000
5402554NantucketNantucket CountyMA $1,825,000
5595032Los GatosSanta Clara CountyCA $1,824,000
5694127San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,800,000
5691011La Canada FlintridgeLos Angeles CountyCA $1,800,000
5790048Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $1,792,000
5810012New YorkNew York CountyNY $1,785,000
5991436EncinoLos Angeles CountyCA $1,760,000
6094924BolinasMarin CountyCA $1,756,000
6195129San JoseSanta Clara CountyCA $1,753,000
6290254Hermosa BeachLos Angeles CountyCA $1,750,000
6394563OrindaContra Costa CountyCA $1,733,000
6492118CoronadoSan Diego CountyCA $1,725,000
6510580RyeWestchester CountyNY $1,711,000
6590036Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $1,711,000
6610023New YorkNew York CountyNY $1,710,000
6794115San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,705,000
6802481Wellesley HillsNorfolk CountyMA $1,703,000
6992014Del MarSan Diego CountyCA $1,693,000
7090405Santa MonicaLos Angeles CountyCA $1,678,000
7191008BradburyLos Angeles CountyCA $1,676,000
7290064Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $1,660,000
7390212Beverly HillsLos Angeles CountyCA $1,650,000
7494131San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,628,000
7590274Rolling HillsLos Angeles CountyCA $1,625,000
7521056Gibson IslandAnne Arundel CountyMD $1,625,000
7694705BerkeleyAlameda CountyCA $1,622,000
7794121San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,620,000
7794549LafayetteContra Costa CountyCA $1,620,000
7894941Mill ValleyMarin CountyCA $1,613,000
7992663Newport BeachOrange CountyCA $1,609,000
8090027Los AngelesLos Angeles CountyCA $1,605,000
8090232Culver CityLos Angeles CountyCA $1,605,000
8110019New YorkNew York CountyNY $1,600,000
812108BostonSuffolk CountyMA $1,600,000
8294030MillbraeSan Mateo CountyCA $1,584,000
8394707BerkeleyAlameda CountyCA $1,580,000
8410018New YorkNew York CountyNY $1,575,000
8411030ManhassetNassau CountyNY $1,575,000
8594061Redwood CitySan Mateo CountyCA $1,570,000
8694117San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,551,000
8795120San JoseSanta Clara CountyCA $1,550,000
8811568Old WestburyNassau CountyNY $1,542,000
8985253Paradise ValleyMaricopa CountyAZ $1,538,000
9091302CalabasasLos Angeles CountyCA $1,525,000
9194158San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,515,000
9206830GreenwichFairfield CountyCT $1,505,000
9302493WestonMiddlesex CountyMA $1,504,000
9494110San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,500,000
9492037La JollaSan Diego CountyCA $1,500,000
9589402Crystal BayWashoe CountyNV $1,490,000
9603871Rye BeachRockingham CountyNH $1,485,000
9694403San MateoSan Mateo CountyCA $1,485,000
9794043Mountain ViewSanta Clara CountyCA $1,484,000
9894086SunnyvaleSanta Clara CountyCA $1,475,000
9911765Mill NeckNassau CountyNY $1,463,000
10007620AlpineBergen CountyNJ $1,450,000
10094122San FranciscoSan Francisco CountyCA $1,450,000
10011231New YorkKings CountyNY $1,450,000

Check out 2019’s rankings here.


To determine the most expensive zip codes in the U.S., we looked at residential transactions closed between January 1, 2019, and October 15, 2019, taking into account condos, co-ops, and single- and two-family homes. All package deals were excluded.

For an accurate representation, we considered only zip codes that registered a minimum of three residential transactions. Due to a number of ties, 121 zip codes made it onto our list of the 100 most expensive zip codes in 2020.

2019 and 2020 median sale price were rounded to the closest $1,000.

The Bay Area was defined as Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Santa Clara, San Francisco, San Mateo, Sonoma and Solano counties; the Los Angeles metropolitan area was defined as Los Angeles County and Orange County; and the 23-county New York metropolitan area was defined as NYC, Long Island, the Mid- and Lower Hudson Valley, Central and Northern New Jersey, Western Connecticut and Pike County, Pennsylvania.

U.S. Regions and Divisions were defined per U.S. Census Bureau designations.

Eliza Theiss

Eliza Theiss

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