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3 upcoming available foreclosure auctions currently listed

    Locked, Jamaica, 11435

    • Briarwood
    46,302 SF, 6 story building zoned R6A. 60 total units. Built in 1951. $1,518,300 assessed value. Building class: Elevator Apartments Cooperatives Building (Other than Condominiums) (XD4).
    Auction 6/30/2021
    Auction time 11:30 AM
    Auction location At the Front Steps of the Office of Haggan, Coury & Associates Located at 908 Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11232.
    Date added 6/15/2021
    Plaintiff Florida Gardens Owners, CORP. , Et. AL.
    Lien $ 18,000
    Judgment n/a
    Index no.
    Referee n/a
    Plaintiff's attorney
    Foreclosure type CO-op common charge foreclosure
    Auction notes

    Locked, Jamaica, 11433

    • Jamaica
    1,435 SF, 2.5 story building zoned R4-1. 2 total units. Built in 1930. $40,260 assessed value. Building class: Two Family Converted from One Family (B3).
    Auction 7/8/2021
    Auction time 12:15 PM
    Auction location Outside the Front Door of the Brooklyn Courthouse of the Eastern District of New York, Located at 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, NY.
    Date added 6/10/2021
    Plaintiff Lightning 1179, LLC. , Et. AL.
    Lien $ 118,505
    Judgment 6/3/2021
    Index no.
    Referee Susan Rizos
    Plaintiff's attorney
    Foreclosure type Mortgage foreclosure
    Auction notes

    Locked, Forest Hills, 11375

    • Forest Hills
    1,750 SF, 2 story building zoned R4. 2 total units. Built in 1945. $66,480 assessed value. Building class: Two Family Brick (B1).
    Auction 8/11/2021
    Auction time 3:00 PM
    Auction location Queens County Sheriff's Office, 30-10 Starr Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101, in the County of Queens.
    Date added 6/15/2021
    Plaintiff Jay Novelty, INC. , Et. AL.
    Lien n/a
    Judgment 8/27/2020
    Index no.
    Referee Joseph Fucito, Sheriff
    Plaintiff's attorney
    Foreclosure type Sheriff's sale foreclosure
    Auction notes