R10 Zoning Code - New York City

What is an R10 Zoning District?

R10 districts permit the highest residential density in the city. This high density can also be achieved in commercial districts that permit an R10 residential district equivalent.

Districts that permit R10 density allow a residential FAR of 10.0, which can be increased to 12.0 pursuant to the Inclusionary Housing Program. In R10 and commercial districts with an R10 residential equivalent, height factor regulations do not apply. Developers of residential buildings may choose between Quality Housing regulations (the same as R10A regulations) or tower rules which permit a building to penetrate the sky exposure plane. Depending on the district and location, the tower may be required to have a contextual building base.

R10 Tower-on-a-base: Tower regulations require a tower-on-a-base building form for most residential developments in R10 districts (and in C1-9 and C2-8 districts which permit residential use at R10 density above one or two floors of commercial use). In these districts, a residential building fronting on a wide street must have a contextual base between 60 and 85 feet high which extends continuously along the street line. The tower portion must be set back at least 10 feet from a wide street and 15 feet from a narrow street, and the lot coverage must be a maximum of 40%. Its height is controlled by a rule that at least 55% of the floor area ratio on the zoning lot be located below a height of 150 feet.

R10 Towers in Primarily Commercial Districts: In primarily commercial districts (C4-6, C4-7, C5 and C6-4 through C6-9) that permit residential development at R10 density, a tower is not required to have a contextual base. A tower footprint may cover no more than 40% of the area of the zoning lot, or up to 50% on lots smaller than 20,000 square feet. The tower must also be set back from the street line at least 10 feet on a wide street and 15 feet on a narrow street. In these districts, a floor area bonus can be achieved by providing a public plaza.

R10 Parking: : Parking is not generally required in the Manhattan Core, Long Island City and portions of Downtown Brooklyn. Elsewhere, parking is required for 40% of the dwelling units.

Properties located in an R10 Zoning District

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