R4 Zoning Code - New York City

What is an R4 Zoning District?

R4 districts allow all types of housing at a slightly higher density than permitted in R3-2 districts. The Floor Are Ratio (FAR) of 0.75, plus an attic allowance of up to 20% for inclusion of a space under the pitched roof common to these districts, usually produces buildings with three stories instead of the two stories characteristic of R3 districts. To accommodate a potential third floor beneath a pitched roof, the perimeter wall in R4 districts may rise to 25 feet before being set back to the maximum building height of 35 feet.

Front yards must be 10 feet deep or, if deeper, a minimum of 18 feet to provide sufficient space for on-site parking and prevent parked cards from protruding on to the sidewalk. Detached houses must have two side yards that total at least 13 feet and each one must be at least five feet wide. Semi-detached buildings need one side yard with a minimum width of eight feet. The maximum street wall length for a building on a single zoning lot is 185 feet. One off-street parking space is required for each dwelling unit.

Properties located in an R4 Zoning District

We have hand-picked several properties located in an R4 zoning district in one of the five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx.

Most of our property reports come with an exterior building photo, together with highly detailed information on the property.

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