R5B Zoning Code - New York City

What is an R5B Zoning District?

Although the R5B district also permits detached and semi-detached buildings, it is primarily a three-story row house district. The traditional characters of R5B districts is reflected in the district's height and setback, front yard and curb cuts regulations.

The floor area ratio of 1.35 typically produces three-story row houses with a maximum street wall height of 30 feet, above which the building slopes or is set back to a maximum building height of 33 feet. As in R4B districts, the front yard must be at least five feet deep and it must be at least as deep as one adjacent front yard but no deeper than the other, to a maximum depth of 20 feet.

Attached row houses do not require side yards, but there must be at least eight feet between the end buildings in a row and buildings on adjacent zoning lots. Parking is waived for one- and two-family homes and curb cuts are prohibited on zoning lots less than 40 feet wide. Where parking is required, on-site spaces must be provided for two-thirds of the dwelling units. Front yard parking is prohibited.

Properties located in an R5B Zoning District

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