R2X Zoning Code - New York City

What is an R2X Zoning District?

R2X districts allow large single-family detached houses on lots with a minimum width of 30 feet. The higher Floor Area Ratio (FAR) and permitted rear yard encroachment in R2X districts produce buildings with greater bulk than in any other single-family residence district. The 0.85 FAR is considerably higher than in other R2 districts and may be increased to 1.02 by an attic allowance for the inclusion of space beneath a pitched roof.

The perimeter wall may rise to 21 feet before sloping or being set back to a maximum building height of 35 feet. Although other residence districts require a 30-foot rear yard, houses in R2X districts may extend 10 feet into the rear yard. The amount of required open space on a lot is governed by yard requirements. As in other lower density districts, the R2X district requires one off-street parking space for each dwelling unit

Properties located in an R2X Zoning District

We have hand-picked several properties located in an R2 zoning district in one of the five boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx.

Most of our property reports come with an exterior building photo, together with highly detailed information on the property.

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Residential Zoning Codes in New York