Real Estate Agents: Why Use Branded Property Reports?

In an increasingly competitive market, staying ahead of the game is not always an easy task; home buyers and sellers try to identify skilled professionals with a good grasp of the local market – but with so many resources at their immediate disposal, standing out from a pool of candidates might present itself as quite the challenge even for the most experienced agents.

Here’s where PropertyShark branded reports step in to lend you a helping hand with your personal branding and advertising efforts!

Branded header
Branded report header

How can branded property reports help you stand out?

Place your name, contact information, company logo and headshot on any PropertyShark report and woo your clients with a wealth of information on all the properties they have been eyeing. Position yourself as a property data guru in front of potential clients, who will surely appreciate the great deal of time and effort that you have invested into preparing such an elaborate report.

Feature available to all PropertyShark subscribers, branded reports can help with your lead generation efforts, significantly boosting your exposure by placing your name and contact details next to pertinent property data. With property reports being passed on from one interested client to another, make sure you’re the agent featured on the upper side of the page!

Once you’ve set up the branding elements for your header, you can turn to them whenever printing a report, with no extra hassle.

Branded property reports, a great way to advertise?

Anthony Fernandez, NYS Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker and part of the Re/Max Liberty group, has kindly agreed to share one of his branded property reports with us, as well as his fondness for the PropertyShark feature:

Branded reports are an essential piece of my presentations as they place you on the cover page of the important information buyers and sellers need to make major decisions,” says Anthony. “They also have the longest shelf life, beating any business card because your brand is on pertinent data that will be revisited and likely circulating to other decision makers. That’s great advertising as far as I’m concerned.”

Branded report example

How do you brand a property report?

If you have already spotted all the personal branding and advertising opportunities that come with a branded property report, go ahead and set up your own in a matter of minutes.

Start by looking up the property on After having found the property you (or your clients) are interested in, go to the top of the page and click on Print Report:

Print report

The window that pops up allows you to choose which sections of the property report you’d like to print – as to include only the most relevant information for your client. And however useful that section might be, we’d like to draw your attention to the left side of the pop-up – which allows you to personalize your report by adding your contact information, photo, and company logo:

Print custom report

You will then be asked to select one of the available header templates, add your personal information, and upload a photo for the header:

Print custom report with photo or company logo

There are three templates available, feel free to choose your favorite.

Tip: add your personal information, headshot and logo before opting for one of the templates – so you can visualize how your header will look upon completion.

Branded reports templates

After choosing one of the three templates, go ahead and print the property report – along with your branded header. Remember, once you’ve set up your report header, you can use it whenever printing a property report, so it’s a one-time effort whose benefits you can reap every time you present a report to one of your clients!



Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

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