Of Realtors and Home Buyers: 7 Real-Life Stories [Infographic]

Finding that perfect home is never an easy task; and it’s not only the home buyers that feel the weight of the search. With this in mind, we wanted to see what stories realtors have to tell, so we took it to Reddit, asking them upfront: What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had with a home buyer?

From funny to awkward (or simply troubling), the answers were beyond our expectations, so we’d like to thank all those who agreed to share their past experiences with us.

And here are some of the most mind-boggling answers we’ve gotten so far:

Infographic of Realtors and Home Buyers

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Georgiana Mihaila

Georgiana Mihaila

After spending the first 6 years of her career training in the art of real estate alongside the Yardi team, Georgiana went on to become VP of Marketing for Montreal-based fintech company NestReady, then to run the marketing department behind one of the world’s leading self-dev media companies, Goalcast Inc. She’s now combining her passion for engaging content with a long-lasting addiction to real estate on FancyPantsHomes.com

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