NYC renters with “high aspirations” (literally!), we invite you to have a look at our chart of the week, featuring the tallest residential towers in each borough in NYC. Unfortunately, the limit is not really the sky, but somewhere around 870 feet or 76 floors high. In Manhattan, at least.

870 feet is how high NYC’s (and the world’s) tallest residential tower goes. 8 Spruce Street, the Manhattan tower designed by Frank Gehry, boasts 76 floors and 890 residential units to choose from. Just be reminded that the higher you want to go, the more money you’ll have to take out of your pockets for the view—at the end of last year, rents in Gehryland were going as high as $60,000/month.

In all other boroughs, tallest residential buildings go up between 20 to 51 floors.

Roxana Baiceanu

Roxana Baiceanu

Roxana is an associate editor with Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive. In the past, she also created content for PropertyShark and Point2Homes’ blog pages. She also has 5 years of experience as a marketing copywriter.