13 Marketing Tools Real Estate Agents Should Keep an Eye On

New technological breakthroughs have made the business of real estate virtually unrecognizable from what it looked like just a decade ago. Today’s marketing tools put more power in the hands of real estate professionals and allow them to easily showcase their unique properties, work directly with clients, and improve the overall experience for everyone involved.

We’ve rounded up eleven of the best and most recent marketing tools we’ve seen for real estate agents. Which one will change the way you do business?


Do you want professional quality photos without the hassle or expense of hiring a photographer? Do you want to instantly declutter a room without actually moving a thing? BoxBrownie services range from image enhancement for just $1.60 per photo to 3D renderings for under $300. They can remove items from surfaces, provide digital staging, and much more – all without the requirement to sign up for a subscription.


PDF documents are on their way out and HTML5 documents are taking their place. The newest format offers a more professional look that is more easily accessible by mobile users. FlippingBook simplifies the process of transforming the PDFs of yesterday into the HTML5 documents of the future. This technology even allows you to add videos, interactive navigation, and other unique tools.


According to PropertySpark, real estate pros should be spending more time selling homes and less time on social media and lead management. They work to make that possible by offering full-service Facebook advertising, social media management, automated blog posts, and newsletter management, among other services. While there are plenty of digital marketing agencies out there, PropertySpark has the unique position of focusing exclusively on meeting the needs of real estate clients.


ScheduleOnce strives to provide the most innovative and intuitive scheduling software on the market. Their process is simple: Clients create their own personal booking page, their customers book from any device, and everyone involved gets the meeting added to their calendars. They claim a 3x increase in conversion rates and number of qualified prospects.


Logo of BombBomb company




If you haven’t yet heard of video emailing, get ready – it’s the next frontier for real estate professionals. Studies show that it’s a better way to build trust and BombBomb swears it converts more leads and wins more referrals. Their unique program offers simple video creation and editing along with tracking analytics, social sharing, and much more.


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Do you ever wish you could give potential buyers or renters a truly comprehensive tour without having to travel to a dozen properties? Matterport makes that possible with their 3D models of real world spaces. They’ve covered more than half a million spaces and created all-in-one 2D and 3D solutions for a wide range of industries. This next-generation immersive technology is easy to use, easy to share, and powerful for real estate professionals.


You can find any number of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) companies but Propertybase focuses its products on the real estate industry. Your visitors see a branded website, but behind the scenes you get a command center for managing contacts, handling email marketing, integrating MLS searching, and a variety of automation services.


Mindmatrix offers a three-prong approach to CRM: Brand management, lead management, and on-behalf marketing. They work to help improve visibility, boost sales and marketing campaigns, and allow for the use of sales and marketing assets across all channels. Though this choice is not specialized for real estate, it has a much wider range of services compared to other CRM companies.

Point2 Homes

Point2 Homes is a digital real estate market place where people can find either the right home or investment potential. Apart from the wide variety of options to customize your search, they also offer advertising services for real estate professionals. Agents can maximize their visibility and reach by opting to purchase one of the multiple ad service options, in order to get better exposure and connect with more buyers and sellers. With millions of visitors browsing Point2 Homes every month, it is a remarkable platform for agents to get their message out there easier.


DocuSign is not a new company, but no one has bettered their ability to make document signing quick, easy, and secure. Though they are known for their electronic signing services, they have branched out to offer digital transaction management, unique reminders, and even Realtor-logo branding.


Running a good open house can make or break your marketing efforts, yet until relatively recently you were on your own. That is not the case now that Spacio is around. This industry-leading open house management system allows you to capture the best leads, offers exceptional resources to run the best open house possible, and is available on all devices.


JotForm provide the most advanced, easy-to-use online form builder. Their Form Designer offers thousands of templates and themes that help you build a form from scratch and have it ready in no-time. The team is continuously working to improve their product and they can also help you integrate it with your business. As an added bonus, you can also find a free online PDF editor on their website, as well as a complete guide on how to edit PDFs.


Venngage is an online graphic design tool for small businesses and marketers. Their simple drag-and-drop design tool makes it easy for anyone to create engaging and professional designs, no design experience required. Their site boasts a library of over 1000 templates ranging from flyers, to reports, to timeline infographics.